A Weak Drink Can Make You Stronger

July 09, 2018

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There used to be a time when I could drink more than I could today. Now if I have a drop too much I am in for a world of hurt the next day. It may not even be apparent when I go to bed. No slurring or common actions of inebriation.

One thing I have begun to enjoy are weak drinks. I am not talking about the . . .

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How To Mix Drinks Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too

Shake. Stir. Swizzle. Egg Stuff.

November 09, 2017

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Rule of thumb: Shake drinks with juice or egg. Stir drinks that are all booze. Of course, all rules and thumbs can be broken. Like the rest of this information none of this section is gospel. These are just the best ways I have found to make cocktails. Building blocks if you will. These are also the techniques I use to . . .

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Why Measuring is the Secret Ingredient

Little Bit of This...Little Bit of That

November 08, 2017

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If you have recently watched Tom Cruise's masterpiece Cocktail, like I did to prepare for writing all this, you will notice how damn cool he looked free pouring all that booze all over the floor. He can do what he wants (he is the last barman poet after all) but I will stick to measuring with a jigger. A jigger is a . . .

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How Understanding Citrus Made Me Better at Cocktails

My Eye!

November 07, 2017

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Citrus Basics

Citrus is the acidic component in sour cocktails. Learning to make a sour is a critical step and one that is full of personal preference. Very quickly, I want to show you something:

Gin (or vodka) + Acid + Sugar = Gimlet
Rum + Acid + Sugar = Daiquiri
Tequila + Acid + Sugar = . . .

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The 25 Bar Tools You need to be Successful at Home Bartending

You don't need a camera to make good drinks

November 06, 2017

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Aside from glassware and liquor here are some unboozy things to collect that will make cocktailing easier:

  1. A bunch of Instagram filters
  2. Fancy camera
  3. A brand deal.

Ha. Just kidding. The Internet is full of guides on how to be a home bartender and most of them talk about what angle to take . . .

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The Insider's Guide to Glassware

A Martini in a Coffee Cup is Still a Martini

November 04, 2017

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Remember: a martini in a coffee cup is still a martini. The cocktail looks stunning in its straight sided namesake cocktail glass though. Also people won't think you have a drinking problem. If I had to choose one and only one glass to keep at my house it would be a white wine glass made by Riedel or Schott Zwiesel. . . .

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The 11 Rules That Made My Drinks Better

The Cocktail Guidelines I Follow

November 03, 2017

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Before we get too far in here are some rules I follow:

  1. Solid clear ice is being used to shake, stir, and serve unless specified. This may be the most important ingredient to all of these drinks. Make your own ice.
  2. To make measuring easier I list all ingredients using the metric system. These increments . . .

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