Here is How Divorce Papers Can Be a Good Thing

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February 07, 2018

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Oh yeah...this drink. One from my personal collection. It took Logan Square by storm a few summers ago the Whiz when I was running the show there.

The ladies loved it. The guys loved it. The bank loved it. The staff hated it. This drink is messy. It dirties up your entire bar. Measuring Coco Lopez in a jigger is . . .

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If you Aren't Drinking This in the Summer You are Missing Out

The Lido Deck

January 18, 2018

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A weird summer slammer original of mine. First seen the Whistler in Chicago. The patio go-ers loved these kind of drinks. Slightly funky, full of booze, and salty. Margarita knockoff

Lido Deck-

In a cobbler shaker:
30 ml Combier
20 ml Batavia Arrack
15 ml Yellow Chartreuse
15 ml Lime . . .

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