The Worst Thing that can Happen Behind Any Bar

October 04, 2018

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A glass gets broken in the ice.

Your bar back is running late.

A drink that you made gets sent back.

You run out of __________ on a busy Friday.

Nobody stocked the beer cooler last night.

You cut your finger on the foil when opening a new bottle.

The sink gets clogged with fruit . . .

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Find A Bartender Who Knows How To Fit You

Don't order off the rack. Get measured!

July 16, 2018

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The bartender and the tailor are both noble trades. They have tons in common and much that they could teach each other.

For those of you who can't find clothes that fit right, get a tailor! A tailor is a person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets to fit individual customers.

. . .

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